• Window Tinting

    Window tinting is a bit more complicated when it comes to finding the right amount of shade. Here at Final Automotive Finishes, we can help you find the right shade that will suit you and your car best. Window Tinting Installation We use 3M ceramic film ranging from 50% to 5% and offer a lifetime

  • Wheel Refinishing Types

    There are multiple types of wheel refinishing services that we offer. Our clients will agree that we are in fact “The Wheel Wise Guys”, because we stay true to our claim of vast knowledge of our profession. Picking the right refinishing service Picking the right type of wheel refinishing service may be difficult for some


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We repair wheels that are bent, cracked or causing air loss.

​We are capable of repairing cosmetic damage on chrome, chrome-clad, PVD-chrome, polished, hypersilver or OEM painted silver (some wheels can not be effectively repaired and may require replacement).

We also offer show quality powdercoating to give your car that custom look!

Do you have questions about repairing your wheels? Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

FINAL Automotive Finishes is a professional rim straightening, welding and cosmetic wheel repair company that specializes the highest quality repair for luxury and aftermarket rims. We have been operating in the local Chicago area for the past 2 years. ​

​All work is guaranteed.

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