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We offer a full range of wheel repair services to our customer in Chicago. Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of wheel repair and wheel refinishing services. We offer services for all types of wheels. Regardless of what kind of rim it is, best believe that it is in the hands of people that care and will ensure nothing but proper repair methods and quality work. Whether your rim is cracked, bent, or the paint is flaking off, The Wheel Wise Guys will get it done right the first time.

If you are experiencing a shaky steering wheel, a bent and/or damaged wheel is the culprit most of the time. Give us a call to see what we can do to help repair your wheel and ensure structural integrity once again.


Wheel Refinishing Starting at $100.00 per wheel.
Cracked/Bent Rim Repair Starting at $75.00 per wheel.
Front-Side Bend Repair Starting at $100.00 per wheel.
Oversized Rim Repair (Bigger than 22") $100.00
Other Wheel Repairs Please contact us for a free estimate.


We offer a full range of wheel related services to anyone and everyone. Our technicians have been in the industry for over 10 years and implement the best strategy to ensure top quality and nothing short of excellence. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed expectations to ensure the highest quality work and experience. We strive to assure your encounter here is seamless and does not break the bank.

  • We are one of the fastest growing wheel remanufacturers in the Midwest.
  • We have a friendly, professional, and helpful staff on standby.
  • Our skilled staff members always up for a challenge!
  • We get the job done right the first time and guarantee satisfaction.
  • We backup our work with a lifetime warranty on finishes on all alloy wheels.


  • Can a cracked wheel be repaired?

    In most cases, the wheel can be repaired by means of welding. We offer this service for wheels of all sizes and types. We offer a complimentary mount and balance included in our price for wheels under 22” in diameter.

  • Can a bent wheel be repaired?

    A bent wheel can be repaired most of the time. Usually wheels that are bent have to be brought in to see what we can do and what type of repair will be necessary. Every wheel is different and every wheel will take damage differently. Bring your wheel by for a free estimate today!

  • Is there a warranty on cracked or bent wheel repairs?

    We offer a 96-hour warranty against leaks on any repairs that are completed. Anything that does not leak within the 96 hours allotted time is considered a job well done.

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