The customer understands that FINAL Automotive Finishes is not liable for any damage caused to the wheel cosmetically in the process of it being repaired if the customer is having the bends fixed only. The customer understands that FINAL Automotive Finishes does repair cracked wheels as well as bent wheels and that there are no warranties on these repairs made to the customer’s wheels under any circumstances. Any further damage being caused after repairs are made, are considered as normal wear and tear.

FINAL Automotive Finishes offers a lifetime warranty against their finish. This means that there is a lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, and fading. We do not offer a warranty against wheels if they are curb rashed, blemished from wear and tear, or damaged in any way structurally or if the finish is damaged, the warranty will be voided.

Chrome plated wheels as well as any wheels with a metal plating will not and cannot be removed. The plating will be smoothed out and painted over. There is absolutely no warranty against any wheels that are chrome plated or have any other plating that cannot be removed.

All wheels are repaired as best as possible. FINAL Automotive Finishes is not liable for any loss, damage, or destruction that may be incurred as a result of any damages that are repaired if the wheel is considered not repairable.

The customer understands this wheel should not be used and that it is recommended to be used as anything other than actually being installed on the vehicle.

If a wheel is considered not repairable, FINAL Automotive Finishes has offered to replace the wheel with a replacement wheel.

Color matchings are completed as best as possible. We color match OEM finishes from car manufacturers only. FINAL Automotive Finishes does not guarantee aftermarket wheels or aftermarket colors under any circumstances.

All tire mountings are completed by professional staff. We do not warranty or guarantee “stretched tire” or improper tire fitment. A stretched tire would be considered a tire that does not follow recommended guidelines for tire fitments on wheels.

The customer understands that the customer will be charged for replacement valve stems, caps, any accessories that need to be removed and replaced during the installation and coating process.

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